The Huddersfield Noise Tour

2019 October – Noise#1 with Dejana Sekulic

Artwork by Artemisia Gentileschi

2019 October – Noise Brought Noise Found

2019 November – Lovestream

picture by Jenny Holzer

2019 December – Mushrooms

picture by Maria Sappho

The Mushroom Opera is a collection of texts, thoughts, and wonderings on the subject of the mushrooms of our world. The opera can be considered on many levels, it represents a new form of theatre which bases its inspiration not off human achievements but the greatness of nature. It shares modern science, political, and philosophical thinkings on a related theme. It is an opera of play and fun, while also reminding us of our planet, its fragility, and most importantly the interconnectedness of all our evolutionary paths and futures.
I. The Primordial
Soup Taking us back to the dawn of time, science has envisioned the origins of mushrooms and our evolution as living species on this planet we call home.…
II. Mushroom Religion
All quotes taken or modified from John M. Allegro book ‘The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross’. Allegro presents a new theory for the birth of the major religions, through the lens of fertility cults, origins of language, and mushroom worship.
III. Terence McKenna talks with mushrooms
Selections from Terence McKenna quotes on his thoughts and conversations with mushrooms as higher beings.
IV. John Cage and the mushroom competition
In 1959 John Cage wins a competition with his extensive knowledge about mushrooms in Milan…
V. Mushrooms against capitalism 
All texts are quotes from Anna Tsing’s book ‘The Mushroom at the End of the World”

2020 January – Why would players be invited to kick me? A solitary game

picture by Jasmine Mathews
video by Eleanor Cully
video by Eleanor Cully

2020 February – Practical improvisation theatre techniques for trainers and managers to enhance creativity, teamwork, leadership and learning

According to the Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire’s second highest paid vice-chancellor in 2018 was Bob Cryan, of Huddersfield University, who earned a total of £385,000, including pension, according to data from the Office for Students. The luckiest postgraduate participant in this Noisebringers performance gets £15’000 a year, to which must be added an available allowance of £66.67 a year for travel expenses. If the value of the former is 25.55 times the value of the latter, a fact that no one can deny, we owe it to capitalism that managed to sell education instead of transmitting knowledge with benevolence from one generation to the other like humans used to do for thousands of years. Our way of fighting capitalism is to organise a conference for free, perform for free, use the facilities and gear offered by a capitalist university, and lengthily discuss the matter instead of burning down banks and industries, which remains a classic joke in most boards of executives. Then we will go back to our lives of begging, sorry, applying to some pathetic crumbs that capitalism trows at us sparingly in order to keep us asleep and dreaming of a fairer world. Meanwhile, enjoy the performance.

875999 The Veiled Venus, 1900 (bronze) (see also 875996-876001) by Beveridge, Kuhne (b.1877) & Wrede, Ella von (1860-1904); 35×162.5×59 cm; Leeds Museums and Art Galleries (Leeds City Museum) UK; American, out of copyright.

2020 March – What is the world made of?

 picture by Ōi Kasushika