The abusers of power united will never be defeated

Noisebringers perform ‘The abusers of power united will never be defeated’ at Electric Spring 2020. 

Brice Catherin:

Maria Sappho:

Henry McPherson:

Weston Olencki:

Colin Frank:

What do men, animals,  oating orbs, objects, Wikipedia, and 66 speakers have in common? A collaborative work by  ve artists proposes no de nite answers. Without a need for linear form, the work exempli es how varied sources can be externally collaged to have unintended ‘meaning’. Much like in our current political climate, narrative is skewed and distorted by the media, the public, and those who have a platform to share artistic blurbs. “The Abusers of power united will never be defeated” is not only a reference to Rzewski, but also a nod to the existential inevitability of  nitude. This adventurous and unorthodox piece is told in partial shadow, full surround sound, and must be experienced live for full sensorial impact.

Audio recorded by Alex Harker  Video recorded, edited and mixed by Sam Gillies